• Testimonials by R.L.

    “The results can be seen in so many positive changes…I highly recommend it to anyone.”
    –R.L. (age 43)

  • Testimonial by W.D.

    “Overall, it was a terrific experience and I learned so much!”
    –W.D. (age 17)

  • Testimonial by F.C.

    “I now look forward to new situations. I believe in the techniques — they work!”
    –F.C. (age 38)

  • Praise for the Successful Stuttering Management Program

    “I’ve had therapy before…experienced fluency during the sessions, but I just couldn’t carry it through in real-life situations. SSMP really worked for me.”
    –D.S. (age 37)

  • Testimonial by B.T.

    “It has helped me tremendously in not being afraid to talk in any situation!”
    –B.T. (age 16)

  • Testimonial by L.A.

    “This is the only therapy that gets to the core of what stuttering is about. I can now deal with myself as an effective communicator who also stutters.”
    –L.A. (age 32)